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In the aftermath of two years of COVID restrictions, restaurants that were struggling are experiencing a significant increase in demand for dining out and socializing with friends in local restaurants. A growing number of niche establishments that offer quality, unique products at an affordable price are also becoming more popular as inflation continues to be a major concern among restaurant owners and customers alike. Among the establishments that are trending in 2023 are Boba tea shops, coffee shops, pizza joints, and sandwich shops, with takeout and delivery options remaining popular over the next few years. Entrepreneurs looking to start businesses are increasingly turning to operations that cater to take out and delivery options, ghost kitchens, food trucks, and quick serve restaurants. Despite a modest 6.5% gain in 2021, restaurant acquisitions soared 20% in 2022, and the average number of days on the market decreased from 176 to 169 in the same time frame. Restaurant owners seeking to sell their business may find this to be an exciting time, as restaurants in 2023 showed strong financial performance and sold at higher prices.

Source: BizBuySell